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Ian & Shirley Robertson-Glasgow work from home in Sandton supplying Bridge Clubs and Players with a wide variety of products.

If you don't see what you're looking for, we'll try hard to find it for you from our worldwide database of suppliers and contacts.



Our Products include:

  • A wide variety of imported and local playing cards

  • Silent bidding boxes and cards

  • Duplicate bidding boards and wallets

  • A range of Bridge gifts and novelties

  • Card tables and embroidered tablecloths

  • Bridge games & programmes

  • Bridge books

  • Bridge stationery

  • Card dealing machines, bidding boards and coded cards


How we will grow our business

  • We have done a great deal of research, communication and negotiation with suppliers of many differing Bridge products from all over the world and we hold several good agencies.

  • Initially, our stocked lines will be moderate, but, as we learn what the Bridge Clubs and Bridge players want, we will stock all popular items.

  • With efficient courier and shipping services we can source non-stock items and deliver quickly. We hope to deliver ex-stock orders within 48 hours of receipt of funds.

  • Once the business is established, we'll open a showroom where people can come and browse through our range.

  • There are more card and slot games available at the casinos listed at

  • Our pricing won't take advantage of sole agencies - a reputation for ethical trading is very important to us.

  • Several new products are being negotiated and/or manufactured; as these become available they will be added to the web site.


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