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Dealer 4


Dealer 4 card dealing machine

Autodealer Optical Card Dealing Machines

The Dealer 4 reads standard playing cards by optically recognising suit symbols and card numbers and will deal either random sets generated in the computer or hand sets generated by known and tested random hand generators.  For teaching purposes, the Dealer 4 will generate hand types of choice for your pupils to bid and play.


Danish Bridge Partner Dealer


The Danish Bridge Partner Dealer will be released in June 2007.  It requires bar-coded cards and special dealing boards.

Danish Bridge Partner Dealer


Duplimate Series


Duplimate MkIV_bis 

The Duplimate MkIV_bis inserts the hands into Duplimate boards automatically.

The Duplimate Mk IV deals the hands which are then put into the boards manually – any board or wallet may be used.

Duplimate MkIV

Bar-coded cards and special boards are required for the Duplimate which:

• transfers the deals to table terminals;
• exports pairs scoring programme and presents these on vu-graph;
• duplicates hands for simultaneous tournaments;
• replays “duplimated” hands on software, e.g., Micro Bridge;
• deals to specific criteria, e.g., multi 2 diamond openings;
• prints the deals with makeable contracts (Mk IV only).



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