Bridge Baron Game

Audrey Grantís Bridge Master

Bridge Baron 17 is one of the most popular Bridge programmes on the world market. Select a set of conventions and Bridge Baron gives you appropriate deals to bid and play.

Audrey Grantís Bridge Master is a very popular programme for improving your playout skills with 180 deals at five skill levels. Bridge Master will teach you to count hands.


Jack ACOL Bridge GamesJack 4 supports 75 conventions (including ACOL) and features extensive tournament options, 30 levels of play and interactive help with many examples.

Ginsbergís GIB software, Learn Bridge Ginsbergís GIB software has been acclaimed by many commentators as one of the best Bridge-playing programmes available. Upgrades are free for a year.


Hand-held Computer Games



Saitek 310 610
The Saitek ProBridge 311 hand-held computer features automatic shuffle and deals; score keeping and a save game function allowing you to stop and resume games; supports ACOL and both American and French 5-card Majors; and play rubber or duplicate Bridge; a number of key learning functions; undo bid and play errors; and a powerful hint function for in-game advice.  You can watch the computer play against itself to pick up more hints.  The powerful 64 KB hand-held ProBridge 610 computer has additional features including a back-lit LCD display; rubber or team-of-four duplicate Bridge function; user-select random, stored or edited deals; and to view all four hands..



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